Things to Ponder

3 Barking Seals

“It’s viral; let it run its course; there’s nothing we can do.”  I hate these words coming from a doctor.  There are stronger cough medicines; I know because they have been prescribed to be me before. So I get to lay awake all night listening to my kiddos bark like seals.  So we have an exhausted household for the next 10-14 days because no one sleeps when there are 3 seals barking.  We will let them bark; it’s just a virus after all. 


3 Simple Words

The earth trembled; darkness fell all of creation held its “breath” and God looked away. As Jesus took on all of humanity’s depravity and sin God had to turn his face away from His only Son. Why would he do this? Why would Jesus say to His father; let me take their place; let me pay the price; let me die for these people who are nothing but wicked vile creatures? The reason is found in 3 simple words; HE LOVES US!

This past year I’ve said more goodbyes and gone to more funerals than I have to weddings.  Have I reached that age? The age where weddings and birth announcements switch to funerals and obituaries?  I sit here on the eve (well technically it’s the morning before but “eve” flows better) of my next birthday pondering life’s beginnings and ends.  The conclusion I’ve come to is that I must be getting old. 😔

In Memory of RKR

Music flows from frozen fingers once again. 

Crippling arthritis has lost its war.

Son, father, brother and friend are the names which you were given.

Jesus is the face you now see.

You can play for Him for all eternity.


My pillow is buzzing.  My eyes are gritty. My head wants to begin its daily pounding.  There is a war going on over whether to keep my eye lids closed or force them open.  Sleep is leaving which means it must be morning. 

5 Sentences and …

Choosing topics to write about in 5 sentences is not easy!  Should the topics be deep or funny?  Should these sentences be replete with elongated verbiage or short and simple? Should run on sentences be allowed or only grammatically correct sentences?  This challenge is ridiculously hard!

Todays five sentences will cover the time change conspiracy and my deep, tired thoughts on the matter.   The goal of this conspiracy is to keep the masses tired. There is big business in the tired!  From accidents resulting in the need of car repairs and medical to simply buying the shaving cream that was NOT on sale.  You have been taught that being caught in the conspiracy of being tired is how you are supposed to be so it is ok if in your tired and confused state you do not agree with me!  

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