Things to Ponder

If you were to ask my kids they would probably tell you I hover.  I am always checking on them, asking if they need anything and if anyone hurts them…look out! Mama bear will be lurking in the shadows just waiting to take out the culprit(s).  If that makes me a helicopter-mom then so be it; although I do think I’m getting better about letting the older two handle things on their own.

Today I’ve coined a new phrase “helicopter-wife.”  My dear husband chuckled (yes out loud, which is very rare) at the new term.  I feel the need to hover and check on him constantly!  I worry about every second he isn’t with me.   I am very much aware that I will need to get over my fear(s) and allow him room to breathe.  

This is a new reality for us – epilepsy means a new way of doing things.  It means learning to live a “new normal”.  It means for now he doesn’t drive… so I take him everywhere.  It means when he says things like “my face is vibraty” I find a chair and make him sit.  Or when he gets quiet for too long I ask if he is ok.  

See not every seizure is like what you see on TV or YouTube. Some are virtually unnoticeable; that’s why it has taken so long to find out what is going on.  Because each seizure is different I never know what to expect.  So for now I hover… always at the ready.   I guess you could say my “new normal” includes the title “helicopter-wife”; maybe now my kids will get a break from helicopter-mom.  


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